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Program Timeline
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Program Timeline

The Health Outcomes Survey (HOS) data are collected annually for a new sample of Medicare managed care enrollees (cohort), with a two year follow up for each baseline cohort. The Round 3 HOS survey administration in 2000 marked the first year that both baseline and follow up surveys were fielded. As of 2022, baseline and follow up data have been collected and reported for twenty-two complete HOS cohorts.

A standard protocol is implemented for each annual round of HOS data collection, data management, and reporting results. Medicare HOS program administration objectives are to field the baseline and follow up cohorts each year. After the final survey data files are submitted for testing, cleaning, scoring, and aggregating, the relevant baseline and performance measurement reports and data sets are disseminated to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), Medicare Advantage Organizations (MAOs), and other approved data users.

The 2023 HOS and HOS-Modified (HOS-M) surveys will be fielded from July 17, 2023 through November 1, 2023.

CMS approved survey vendors (conditionally) to administer Round 26 HOS data in February. MAOs and Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE) organizations will need to notify NCQA (CMS’s contractor for HOS implementation), of their survey vendor selection in April to support the start of fielding.

HOS survey vendors will work with MAOs beginning in June to obtain additional contact information. Upon the completion of fielding in November, survey vendors will submit member-level data to NCQA on behalf of PACE organizations and MAOs. 

Details on the dissemination of reports and data to MAO users are available in the Data Dissemination section. Additional details for PACE organizations are available in the HOS-Modified section.


HOS and HOS-M Tasks Timeline 2023 Dates
PACE organizations notify NCQA of contractual arrangements 3 months prior to Survey start By April 14
MAOs notify NCQA of contractual arrangements 3 months prior to Survey start By April 28
Prenotification letter mailing  1 week prior to Survey start July 17
First questionnaire mailing  Survey start July 24
Second questionnaire mailing 1 month post Survey start August 28
Outbound electronic telephone interviewing  9 weeks post Survey start
        (6 weeks' duration)
September 18 - November 1


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