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Program Timeline

HOS survey data are collected annually for a new sample of Medicare managed care enrollees (cohort), with a two year follow up for each baseline cohort. The Round 3 HOS survey administration in 2000 marked the first year that both baseline and follow up surveys were fielded. As of 2018, baseline and follow up data have been collected and reported for eighteen complete HOS cohorts.

A standard protocol is implemented for each annual round of HOS data collection, data management, and reporting results. Medicare HOS program administration objectives are to field the baseline and follow up cohorts between April and July of each year, to submit final survey data files in August/September for testing, cleaning, scoring, and aggregating, and finally to disseminate relevant baseline and performance measurement reports and data sets to CMS, Medicare Advantage Organizations (MAOs), and other data users by fall of the following year. The timeframes for specific program activities are outlined in the table.

Program Activity Timeframe
Survey Preparation, Administration, Data Cleaning Year 1
Finalize Survey Specifications January
Train & Approve Vendors February
Select Baseline Cohort & Follow Up Cohort Sample March
Prepare Vendor Materials March
Field Baseline Cohort April - June
Field Follow Up Cohort May - July
Submit Raw Survey Data File August - September
Test & Clean Data September - November
Score Data December
Data Management, Analysis and Dissemination Year 2
Aggregate Baseline Data January
Aggregate Performance Measurement Data February – March
Produce Baseline MAO Report February – May
Produce Performance Measurement MAO Report April – June
Disseminate Baseline MAO Report Summer
Disseminate Performance Measurement MAO Report Summer
Produce Baseline Data File & Data Users Guide June
Produce Performance Measurement MAO Data File & Data Users Guide August
Distribute MAO Data with Data Users Guides  Fall/Early Winter


Details on the dissemination of reports and data to MAO users are available from theData Dissemination section.


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