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Medicare HOS Data Users Guides

Detailed documentation regarding file construction and contents has been assembled for all data sets distributed by this program. In addition to the Public Use Data Files (PUFs) available for download on this site, several unique data files have been distributed to participating Medicare Advantage Organizations (MAOs). These Data Users Guides (DUGs) have been assembled to facilitate the use of the HOS data files produced by the Medicare HOS Program.


Baseline and Performance Measurement DUGs 

Medicare HOS DUGs are distributed with the Research and MAO data files. New Baseline DUGs are posted each year and Performance Measurement DUGs are posted when the new cohort data files are distributed. The Performance Measurement DUGs are customized to the file layout of the MAO merged Baseline and Follow Up data files. The DUGs are available for download in PDF format below:


PUF Data Users Guides

Medicare HOS PUF DUGs are posted each year with the new cohort PUF data files. The DUGs are available for download in PDF format below:












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